Mike addresses the peanut gallery during his interview

During the 2023 Bentonville Bike Fest, The Shin Dig Podcast (including co-host Aaron Lutze, aka Super Rider) interviewed several different trials riders, including Mike Friddell, who organizes and runs the North American Trials championship. I had the privilege of sitting in the peanut gallery during Mike’s interview, and even had the opportunity to ask Mike a question.

During the interview, Mike provided some of the history of trials here in North America, as well as his role in organizing and coordinating trials competitions. As a passionate bike trials advocate, Mike runs North American Trials and the associated annual trials competition. He’s committed to keeping trials alive and well here in North America, and bringing a resurgence to the sport. One way to do that is through trials competitions, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try new types of events (e.g. street trials) and outreach.

One of the benefits of sitting in the “peanut gallery” for this interview is that they interacted with us now and then, and even gave us the opportunity to ask questions. I happily obliged, asking what those of us in the trials community can do to help build the sport, particularly her in North America. You’ll have to watch the video (or listen to the podcast) for the answer – there’s some good nuggets in there!

Related to that, however, one thing that I didn’t expect being in the live audience is that Mike mentioned my local crew’s involvement with the Peace Dale Ramp Room (indoor bike park) and their desire to include trials at their facility. If all goes to plan, we will have an indoor trials competition there this winter, so stay tuned for more on that. Mike also gave a shoutout to David Krut, another fellow “peanut gallery” member, and the trials competition David has hosted over the past couple years at the Arrowhead Bike Farm in Fayetteville, WV.

I highly recommend watching or listening to this Shin Dig episode, particularly if you live in North America, and especially if you’re interested in helping grow the sport. If you haven’t already done so, consider subscribing to The Shin Dig Podcast on YouTube or with an audio podcast app (I do both). They interview people in the trials community who have all sorts of good information and interesting stories. If you’re a trials rider, you need to be following them.

UPDATE: I almost forgot – the resources Mike mentioned for hosting trials competitions are under the “Guides” link in the menu of the NA Trials website.

The Shin Dig interview with Mike Friddell of NA Trials


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