“What is bike trials” might be the first question you’re asking. Trials biking is a specialized form of riding that generally involves riding bicycles on / over / off obstacles of various types, natural or man-made, without the rider’s feet touching the ground (or crashing / bailing). As a biking discipline, trials is all about balance and control. Moves include techniques such as hops and balancing on one wheel. While it’s possible to use trials skills on pretty much any type of bike, riders typically use trials-specific bikes or mountain bikes.

Like many sports, most people do it just for fun. With trials, that works nicely since you can literally ride just about anywhere: in your driveway or yard, in the woods, in the city, or pretty much anywhere else. There are also trials competitions that test riders’ skills by forcing them to ride through a series of predefined “gates” in a number of different “sections” of the competition course.

Check out the video playlist below if you’re interested in understanding what trials biking is. If you already know about trials but want to learn how to get started, I’ve created some tips and resources for you.