Who Am I?

Tim Chemacki | This Is Bike Trials

My name is Tim Chemacki. I am an over 50 trials rider. I started documenting my experiences and progression in trials biking pretty much from the beginning, initially just on YouTube. Since then I have grown the breadth of trials video content and expanded to additional platforms. You can follow me here and on my social media channels:

What is My Mission?

My objectives for This Is Bike Trials! are:

  • To create awareness and grow the sport by exposing it to the broader population
  • To help build and support a strong trials biking community: locally, nationally, and globally
  • To provide inspiration and encouragement, both to fellow trials riders and those considering any other difficult endeavors (especially for those in the “over 50” crowd)
  • To provide quality trials content

How Did I Get Started In Bike Trials?

I discovered trials completely by accident when I stumbled across Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate video in my YouTube recommendations. The things Danny was doing on his bicycle absolutely blew me away! I had no idea such feats were even remotely possible. Having never heard of “trials biking”, I performed some web searches to find out what Danny’s style of riding was even called. Then I proceeded to investigate the sport and watch some more videos. Very quickly, at 47 years old, I decided, “I can do that. I am doing that!”

I started by learning how to “trackstand” (balance in place) and “endo” (tip forward onto the front wheel) using my (low end) mountain bike, that previously hadn’t seen much use. Within several weeks, I ordered my first trials bike: a beautiful 24-inch Echo Mark V. A mere handful of weeks later, I participated in my first trials competition. I couldn’t even trackstand and rode terribly, but that’s ok. I had a blast! I also finally got to meet other trials riders for the first time.

Since beginning my trials biking journey in 2017, I have competed in several competitions and helped build a local community of trials riders here in southeastern Connecticut. Much of my riding has been just messing around in my driveway and yard with wooden pallets, boards, etc. Our local group also gets together weekly to ride, adding a positive social aspect in addition to the ability to learn from other riders.

Going from zero regular exercise to “full throttle” with trials biking has taken its toll physically. Apparently the human body doesn’t like that so much, so I have suffered through a series of nagging “old man” injuries. Regardless, my passion for riding continues.

My Trials Bikes

Since I’m often asked about my bikes, I’ve created a page to provide an overview of the specs, justification for why I’ve selected each of the bikes, and my impressions of them