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Here are some of the things we’d like to do in the future. While some of these are probably feasible at some point without any support, bringing in additional funding can accelerate the pace. Also, there are some things that probably would not be possible without financial support. These are just some of the ideas I have been kicking around:

  • GoPro cameras (and all the accessories): Our current setup is a single GoPro Hero 8 Black. Occasionally at a competition we might throw in a couple cellphone videos as well. Having multiple GoPros would allow me to simultaneously film multiple angles as well as allow multiple people to film different riders simultaneously during events.
  • Camera(s) and lenses: A DSLR or mirrorless camera with an array of lenses would provide better quality video. Additionally, a better camera with a zoom lens helps during events like the UCI trials competitions where I can’t be inside the course.
  • Camera tripod & monopod: These would be used with the better camera(s) as well as with the GoPros. Multiple tripods supports better shots with multiple angles. A monopod would be useful for shooting live action events such as competitions, especially when using zoom lenses.
  • Camera gimbal(s): While the GoPros do have some built in video stabilization, having a gimbal for the GoPros would help produce steadier videos. Additionally, if a bigger/better camera is used, a heavier duty gimbal would be necessary for any action shooting.
  • Computers, software & storage: The current video editing setup is not very powerful – it’s a mid-low end 2018 PC laptop with an Intel i5 8th generation CPU. While it can do “normal” editing ok, it can’t do things like 240 fps video very well (i.e., for slo-mo shots). And, it’s getting old, so at some point it’s going to fail. We’ll also need to expand the file storage capabilities, especially if we start using higher frame rates and higher resolution video (i.e., 4K).
  • Video studio equipment: At some point we’d like to build a small video/photo studio to support additional types of programming. This will require things like backdrops, studio lights, etc.
  • Microphones & audio equipment: Currently the audio is from the built-in microphone on the GoPro. For voiceovers, we have a fairly decent USB microphone. For better audio particularly during solo rides, vlogs, and interviews, etc., a set of wireless microphones would certainly help.
  • Drone: While this not high on the list, having a semi-decent drone would give us the ability to add even more interesting and unique shots.
  • Travel to (more) events: One aspect of the channel that we’d love to expand is more travel to different locations to create more video content. This could include more competitions, as well as visits to regional group rides, interviews, and (maybe some day) trips to Europe to film events over there.
  • Web hosting and services: We’re trying to do this as inexpensively as possible, but with some additional funding, we could afford some better tools.