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Several days ago, the owner of the Mythic Bike Works bike shop and and partner in the new Peace Dale Ramp Room indoor bike park in Wakefield, RI reached out to me via Instagram direct message to let me know that he intends to include trials at the park and to see whether my local crew and I would be interested.

Today I gave the owner (Mike) a call to find out more and see how I could get involved. We had a pretty good chat for probably about 30 minutes as Mike described his vision for trials at the facility. Overall, Mike and his business partner Casey want the park to focus on being the go-to facility for training across all disciplines of biking. They envision classes, clinics, and skills camps.

Trials would fit into this vision in a handful of ways. First, in addition to the standard ramps and such that you normally see in a bike park, they will have a set of modular obstacles that can be moved around for trials riding. They want to support both street and competition style trials riding. Second, they want to host clinics that teach trials skills – especially to kids – to support all biking disciplines. Third, they want to host trials competitions, both indoors as well as outside.

The facility itself has about 6,000 square feet of space, as well as a basement storage area with a freight elevator that can be used to store larger trials obstacles. They also have a large parking area that can be used for outside trials events. Their desire is to host an indoor trials comp in the winter, and another outdoors when the weather is warmer.

One thing that piqued my interest is that Mike is looking to empower the local trials community to organize trials events at the facility. What that means short term is that he’s interested in having us host an indoor winter trials competition this year. How cool would that be?

I imagine there is a lot more we can do than just competitions, so I’d be interested in hearing your ideas. Keep your eyes out for more on this subject in the future!


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