Save the date: November 5 & 6, 2022

[UPDATE 2022-10-29: Day 2 location change]

Why fight it, we all know the best part of any comp is riding with your buds, learning a new trick or two, heckling and talking bikes (not the comp). Not that Comps shouldn’t exist because otherwise how would we all know just how poorly we can execute even the simplest of turns on loose gravel? So here we have an event geared toward the good times and minimizing the bad. The Comp and Clinic will promote understanding the dark side and approaching Comp riding with more confidence and skill. Additionally, the Clinic will cover the many topics of bike trials: bike set up, hosting events, riding skills etc. The knowledge base will be available for questions of every level.


November 5 & 6: Colonel Ledyard Park, 21 Blonders Blvd, Ledyard CT
NOTE: Day 2 location has changed (previously was in Exeter, RI)

Schedule: Day 1

10:00AM: Rider meeting, including UCI 10 point rules and strategies

10:30AM: All riders ride both class sections one time

12:00PM: Lunch (with discussion of what worked and what didn’t in each section)

1:30PM: All riders ride both class sections for the second time, followed by a clinic fun ride with coaching; coaches will be milling about for more tips and strategies

3:00PM: Beer and heckling. “Ground is Lava, Tire Fire, Gap-a-thon” (I know the name is a little long): three tires at each graduated distance until a winner has been determined, road surface to staked timber, tires cannot touch mother earth.

REMINDER: Daylight savings ends – set your clocks back 1 hour tonight!

Schedule: Day 2 “New England Bike Trials Cup”

9:00AM: Clinic: Mike, Tony, Tim, Jim, Alex and Ryan “Setting Sections”

10:00AM: Rider meeting

10:30AM: All riders ride respective sections two or three times

1:30PM: Lunch and awards (best scores all categories)

Afternoon fun ride all terrain and relay race

Levels: Novice & Mountain Bikes, Sport, Expert, Pro, (Veteran over 50 years)
[TIP: How to pick the right class for your skill level]

Rules: UCI 10 Points earned
[TIP: 10-point Gate Trials Scoring Quick Reference]

Meet the coaches:

Ronnie Traba:

Ronnie started riding trials in 1998 in Brazil. Ronny was the Echo dealer in Brazil including all of South America and supporting trials events, additionally he fabricated about 40 inexpensive steel frames based on Echo geometries for those who wanted to start into trials on a limited budget 

Ronnie would like to discuss bike geometries, bar positions, and brake levers position.  Also the benefits that trials gives to the riders, such as better planning, personal struggle and skill building.

Instagram logo ronnytraba YouTube icon Ronnie Traba

Mike Steidley:

Mike Steidley is one of the most accomplished and prolific Stunt Riders in North America and holds the record for the most gold medals in the history of the sport for the USA. Steidley’s accolades include multiple Trials National Championships.  Mike will be leading the pre-ride rules session.  He has also been asked to lead the post section one coaching on strategic riding and how to put the new rules into effect for best results. 

Instagram logo mikesteidley YouTube icon mikeSTEIDLEY

Joe Janicki: 

Joe discovered early in life that he had a knack for riding bikes and juggling sticks. He started really getting into bicycle trials and competing in the local and national level by my teens. After exploring different options for his life path, he chose performing entertainment. Not only does it provide a means for him to do what he loves and make money at it, but it also gives him the pleasure of entertaining people in cool ways most people have never seen before.

Joe has a knack for breaking down more advanced skills into digestible bites and will be available to work with riders skills of all levels.

Instagram logo janicki_designs YouTube icon Joe Janicki

Help Spread the Word!

Please help spread the word, whether you plan to attend or know people who might be interested. Feel free to share this post via social media.

Also, you can download this poster to share as well (or ask if they can put it up in you local bike shop, if you’re in the Connecticut area).

Still Not Sure?

If you’ve never tried a trials competition, Check out the video below to learn more about what to expect.

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