This late winter/early springtime has been giving us plenty of rain and clouds, but we were lucky to have a beautiful (yet windy) day to ride between rainy days. This ended up being a pretty easy-going ride, with a focus on rolling up some boulders. That’s not one of my strong points, so I definitely need to practice these more. But Scott, Jim, and Tony have the move down pretty well.

Actually, my riding wasn’t great this day and my confidence was pretty low, but I did do a handful of fun little lines. None of them were all that impressive, but still fun nonetheless.

Whenever the crew gets together, there is always some level of humor. One of the great lines from this ride came from a discussion about preferred “sides” when approaching a trials line: ” I’ve got a bad side and a worse side.” That wasn’t my line, but it certainly sums up my riding.


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