Riding with this crew is always a good time, even when our riding is… suboptimal

Apparently since it’s March, it’s time to snow in Connecticut. After a winter storm dumped a few inches this week, a couple days of rain washed away the snow, getting the ground all mucky and the rocks nice and lubed up. Perfect for trials riding! So of course we selected the spot that is notorious for having extra slippery rocks after rain.

While I could blame the slippery rocks, we all know that wasn’t the whole problem. Our riding left a little to be desired as well. Mine in particular. This was one of the rides where I don’t think I completed any single line successfully, without dabbing. That happens now and again, though now I am really feeling the effects of limited exercise and trials riding over the past year following an arm injury. Without going into all the details, suffice it to say that I need to get out of the rut and change my habits.

Jim, Tony, and I braved the slippery rocks and had a fun, chill session. Basically we took turns at several different lines, taking it somewhat easy, and pretty much staying in the first riding spot, as well as a short ways just down the trail.

For a while, it seemed like this would be a video of mostly just fails (hence the title on YouTube) just like the last time the three of us rode together, but at least some of us actually pulled out some good lines and moves. But, I actually figured for this video, we’d start off with the fails and outtakes, instead of putting them at the end like I do in the typical group ride videos.

As I’ve said many times before, one of the best aspects about the group rides is not just the riding, but the camaraderie: silly commentary, good-natured ribbing, and just plain joking around – combined with positive encouragement. It’s fun just being out there with this crew.


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