Jim rides along the spine while Tony watches

Tony has been pretty busy lately and hasn’t been able to ride with us much over the past few weeks, so it was a nice surprise to have him show up this week.

This ride started out rough, and didn’t get a whole lot better (ever have one of those days?). We thought this ride was going to end up as an hour-ling video of fails. I didn’t even bother turning the camera on until about 30 minutes into the ride, since we were still warming up. Then the first line that Tony and I tried, I spent probably 15 minutes on it before sort of getting it: old, cold, and out of practice.

Tim log hopping

Tony had a couple pretty hard crashes. One is shown in the video, where he fell and bonked his head on the ground (right on a tree root). Even with the helmet on, it looked like it rang his bell pretty good. The other fall was not caught on camera, and that one was nasty too: he fell onto a rock (on his back if I recall). Fortunately he was ok after both falls.

I had a couple near misses due to slipping rear brakes, which almost caused some wicked loop-outs. Looks like it’s time for a fresh grind before I take a nasty spill.

Regardless of the struggles, this was still a good time. Our riding wasn’t so great, but the company was good and the commentary was hilarious. This video is best watched with audio on.

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