With these shorter days and artificially shortened afternoons, it’s challenging not only to leave work earlier, but even to get in a normal length ride. This ride was right after Thanksgiving, so we already had the day off, but we also still had many calories to burn, and some remaining lethargy from the feast from the previous day. Well, at least I did. And sunset still came way too quickly.

We only ended up riding about maybe two hours, and really only rode a handful of different lines. Ryan and I started on the “horseshow of death” area, mostly trying to get up onto a rock and drop gap down. Meanwhile, Jim raked some leaves away from some of the rocks across the street (you can hear him raking in the background during the beginning of the video).

Next we spent a short while on a “ground is lava” line riding a string of rocks, and then I made a few attempts at a gap line. After that brief interlude, Ryan and Jim spent a large chunk of the day riding in both directions on a tricky rock line. I made a handful of feeble attempts myself, but didn’t have much success (or energy), so I was happy to video it. I didn’t have the mojo to make it up, and frankly, going down was a bit scary.

Finally we spent the last remaining minutes of daylight riding up / on a skinny concrete wall. This wall usually kicks my but, but I was actually able to get up after several tries. However, I was not feeling confident enough to drop off, though it’s completely within my capability. When you’re “not feeling it”, it’s a good idea to not push it. Of course Ryan just bunny hopped right up. I really need to work on my pedalups (and bunny hops).

One of the great things about this park is that all of the riding is just a few feet from the parking area, making it really convenient. It’s a surprisingly fun place to ride.


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