Jim bridges the gap on his way up the ledge

Jim mentioned the UCONN Avery Point campus last week, but since we rode Hidden Pond instead last week, we decided to hit Avery Point this week. This was another opportunity to continue learning how my “new” bike rides in another location.

The ride started pretty mellow as we warmed up on the giant ledge rocks near the parking lot. There were some big rollups, some pedalups, and a handful of other stunts, but then it was time to move on to the next spot where we spent most of the afternoon.

The ground is lava

The next spot was on another giant ledge rock near the water. On this spot, we also had plenty of rollups and pedalups, as well as some fails and shenanigans. Tony had “the stupidest line ever” and later spent some time “sitting around” and saluting us. Ryan dominated the “ground is lava” lines through the rock garden. And we threw ourselves repeatedly at some bigger “ups”, after which Ryan proved that this was not “long bike territory.” But before leaving, we wanted to hit up one last spot near the lighthouse.

“Jump over the camera,” they said…

By this time, everyone was getting tired, and it showed in the riding. Tony struggled to get his rear wheel off the ground with a static lunge, and my brain would not let me do an easy pedalup, though we each eventually kinda sorta got the lunge and pedalup completed successfully. Eventually it was time to call it.

As usual, it was great to ride with the crew. Fun riding, good times messing around and laughing together, and plenty of sunshine. And the new bike felt awesome!

Group ride highlights


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