Preparing to rear wheel drop off a concrete ledge
Eric drops in
Tony’s master link snapped

I always enjoy the chance to ride with with other trials riders. I absolutely love riding with my local trials crew each week! But I also truly enjoy the opportunity to host guest riders, as well as to ride with folks on their home turf. Back in 2021, Eric participated in our Rocktoberfest trials competition. Since then, he moved out to Colorado. This July, Eric drove back East, stopping by one afternoon to join us for our weekly group ride. During the Rocktoberfest competition, I didn’t have the opportunity to watch Eric ride since we competed in different classes, so it was fun to watch him ride this time around. Since the comp, he purchased a gorgeous red Inspired Hex. Pretty sweet ride!

Frankie nails a skinny

Frankie and “Little” Ryan also joined us for the weekly group ride, which was pretty cool since they don’t show up for most rides. When they make an appearance, it’s always a pleasure. These two have the distinction of being the oldest and youngest members of the “local” trials gang (Frankie actually lives about 1.5 hours away).

As discussed in various posts and videos, Frankie is 70 years old, so it’s quite impressive and inspirational to see him on the trials bike. Obviously at that age, you lose strength, response time, etc., so your abilities at 70 aren’t going to be the same as when you’re 20 (or 50 for that matter). This week Frankie had some nice moves, including a sweet skinny. Keed on rocking Frankie!

I managed to do it all on the rear wheel

A few weeks before this ride, Scott had been eyeing the seawall, trying to summon the intestinal fortitude to ride a skinny across it. During this gathering, his desire had not abated. You could tell he really wanted to do it, but understood the consequences of failure are… well, not so fun. As the end of the ride drew near, you could tell the seawall skinny was completely occupying Scott’s mind. As he rode some lower consequence practice skinnies in between his other lines, the rest of us focused on hops, drops, and riding on the rocks. Finally, as the ride was winding down, Scott decided he was going to try to ride across the top of the seawall. To see how it turned out, you’ll have to watch the video!


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