King of the rock! Jim asserts his dominance with a splash.
Scott had just upgraded to a 26-inch bike

This video is actually a flashback to summer 2022. I still couldn’t ride due to my bout with lateral epicondylitis, but I was still busy making trials biking videos. With four riders and a gimpy cameraman, we had critical mass for a great summer ride vibe.

The crew sessioned a handful of spots throughout the afternoon at one of our favorite riding spots when the rocks are wet, since the sun dries these out faster than the ones in the shaded woods. On this particular day, it had recently rained and was still pretty humid, so the rocks were still a bit slippery. Perfect for trials, right?

Jereme with an epic bail

Scott had just upgraded from a 24-inch trials bike to a 26-inch bike. If I remember correctly, this was his first ride on this bike. There was a noticeable difference in Scott’s riding that day. He seemed to have a bit more confidence, and was able to nail some bigger roll-ups.

During this particular ride, Jereme brought his Inspired Arcade, and was working on some relatively decent sized moves. Unlike me, Jereme doesn’t seem to feel fear – at least not to the same extent. On this ride, he showed some guts in attempted several decent sized drops. Of course they didn’t always work out, so he also demonstrated some cat-like reflexes with at least one really impressive bail.

Despite being unable to ride with the crew, it was a good time hanging out with them and watching them ride. It’s also a privilege having the opportunity to film them, capturing their successes and failures, progress and setbacks, and of course that great vibe.

Group ride highlights
B-Roll footage


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