Tony hops his trials bike across some rocks

In one week the temperatures went from January to August. It was around 80F today, and the gnats were doing their best to swarm our faces while we rode. Regardless, this was a fun ride!

Jim appears to hover on his bike as he hops across some rocks

This week we started at the end of the trail and worked back to the beginning – the opposite of our typical approach, which generally leaves us worn out by the time we get to the end of the trail. After Jim, Ryan, and I sessioned the first area, we headed to the second spot, where Tony joined the fray.

Tim prepares to hop off a rock on his trials bike

Interestingly, despite having ridden here numerous times, there are still a few lines that continue to stymie my efforts to master them. Again during this ride, I met these challenges with limited success. However, I did try some new lines as well, and did manage to have some successes.

Tony claimed to have a sore back, so he was “taking it easy”. You’d never have known that unless he mentioned it, because he still cruised through some of the lines like they were nothing.

This week’s highlights video includes the best attempts and successes. As an added bonus, there is a second video this week with some fails and outtakes.

Group ride highlights
Outtakes and fails


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