In an effort to consolidate various sources of information related to bike trials competitions and other events, we’ve created a new trials events calendar. The goal is to include all trials competitions and major events in the US for starters, and we’ll probably add other events from around the world as we progress. The aim is to have one location online to find out what events are happening in the world of bike trials.

Why have yet another place to find trials events? There are a few reasons. First, there does not seem to be a single location online that has all (or many) bike trials events. Second, not everyone has (or wants) a social media account, so this calendar allows access for anyone with a web browser. Third, posting a number of events in one place can create additional awareness and energy in the trials community.

Here’s another thing: If you’re hosting a trials competition or trials event and you’d like to have it added to our events calendar, please provide details and contact information via our Contact Us form. We’ll set up your event on the site for you. After the event is posted on the calendar, a unique page is available for your event, which you can share on social media, etc. If you already have a web page for your event, adding your event here will help spread the word.

See an event that catches your interest? Please share the link to the event on your social media accounts to help spread the word!


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