It’s not clear whether I just wasn’t paying attention to the weather forecast, or whether the weather just decided to surprise me. Either way, I was certainly surprised when I opened up the basement door to bring my bike out to my car only to find a blanket of snow covering the backyard. Fortunately it was only about half an inch. And the sun melted it all away before the afternoon’s group ride!

I started out the ride totally not ‘feeling it’. I figured it’d be a day of nothing working. But somehow, despite an annoying crash at the beginning of the ride that twisted my ankle, I actually seemed to ride better than I expected. I wasn’t nailing everything, but did actually surprise myself a few times.

Group ride highlights

While editing this week’s group ride highlights video I realized that there is often decent video footage that, while interesting, can’t really fit into the main videos. More accurately I guess, this week I decided to try something new. This week I created a short “B-roll” video as well from some of the clips that I had to cut from the main video, and posted it to the the YouTube channel. I’m interested in feedback on this, so let me know in the comments here on the website or on the YouTube channel whether you like watching the B-roll videos.

B-roll video
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