Hopping on my trials bike rear wheel... without a front wheel
Front wheel falls off? No problem!

The other day I thought I’d be clever. Since it had rained on group ride day, I had my trials bike stashed in the back of my car instead of on the bike rack like I’d normally do. And I’d kept it in the car for a couple days. In order to fit the bike into my small car, I need to remove the front wheel. That always temps me to hop around on the bike with no front wheel. Of course that brings some additional risk, because if you lose your balance, you’ll ram your forks into the ground, or whatever obstacle you happen to be riding on. Oh yeah, and to add to the challenge, I work in an office, so when I get home, I’m in business casual attire, including dress shoes – not exactly good for trials to say the least. But the ridiculousness of the whole thing is also what makes me want to do it!

So, I come up with the idea. I’m waiting to get home from work to try it, and of course to film it. It so happens that I needed to pick up my son from school on this one afternoon, so when we get home, I pop the bike out of the car, throw on my helmet and start hopping around with no front wheel. My son was apparently impressed and wanted to video it (even better, now I don’t need to ask!). So I grab a couple pallets, throw them down on the ground, give my phone to my son, and away we go. You can see the video below.

Then maybe a day or two later, I see that Eloi Palau made a video where he’s hopping around on his trials bike with no front wheel, and… Ok, wow! Check out Eloi’s video below. Unreal!

My version
Eloi Palau’s version

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