Trials and BMX riding in the same indoor bike park
Trials and BMX riding in the same indoor bike park

After several months of hard work and late nights, the Peace Dale Ramp Room indoor bike park is open to the public! If you’re interested in some indoor riding and skills building, check them out and reserve a timeslot. Just some of the things they offer (though I’m sure I’ve missed some things) include:

  • Riding jumps and berms – different bike styles (like you’d normally expect)
  • Coaching/clinics – jumping, BMX racing start gate timing, etc.
  • Indoor electric bike trainers (i.e., like Zwift or Pelton)
  • Trials biking (requires special set-up for some things)
  • Bike maintenance clinics
  • Full service bike shop
  • Bike sales (possibly even trials bikes!)
  • Food / snacks

While the primary focus of the facility is not trials specifically, the owners do intend to provide the ability for some trials riding, and are looking to partner with the trials community to host some indoor (and outdoor) trials events. We got a sneak preview of the Ramp Room several weeks ago, but since then they’re really built it up quite a bit. I’m looking forward to working with them in the future on some trials collaborations, and look forward to meeting some other trials riders in the area.

Check out the video below on Instagram to get a quick feel of the layout. Note that the trials features are planned to be modular, so they will be stored out of the way when non-trials rides are going on, which is why they are not shown in the preview below.

They’re open for business! Check out the video for a preview of the facility.


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