Jim stumbles away from a crash on his trials bike
Jim escapes a crash while the rest of the crew cheers him on

I consider myself lucky, not only because there are a decent number of local trials riders (for the US), but also because the crew has great chemistry. I enjoy riding with pretty much anyone, but the playful dynamics of the group is the secret sauce. There’s a magical blend of enthusiasm, encouragement, and humor that generates a fantastic vibe. Add some sketchiness to the mix, and you’ve got a really good time!

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Coyotes Won’t Keep Us Off The Rocks! - This Is Bike Trials! · January 15, 2023 at 4:34 pm

[…] me, so the dynamic was a little different from a typical group ride. While I absolutely love the group ride vibe, I also really enjoy the more intimate nature of the interactions when there are just two of us. […]

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[…] Jim, Tony and I spent a good deal of time warming up with some lines up and over a single boulder. I ended up making a whole video of just that, actually, because I liked watching the three of us demonstrating different skills and styles. And of course we had fun goofing and joking around together as well – a hallmark of our group ride dynamic. […]

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