Tim on his trials bike atop a boulder with Dan watching in the background
Dan looks on on the background as Tim contemplates whether to try a 4-5 foot drop. It looks a lot higher from the top.

A couple weeks ago, Dan and I headed to Scott’s house for a trials session in Scott’s backyard. In this video, we barely scratched the surface of the growing set of features he has for both trials and mountain biking! Scott has stuff for every level of rider, from beginner and up, which is great because then he has room for continual progression. I’d love to have boulders like this in my backyard!

This past spring we had a work day or two here at Scott’s to help build and improve some of the features for both his technical mountain bike trail and for trials – one of which was the fallen tree skinny that is features in this video. Unfortunately, I couldn’t ride much in the spring due to my arm injury, so it was nice to be able to ride more this time.

Boulders and a skinny
Some of the boulders and just one of the skinnies in Scott’s backyard

Dan is an avid mountain biker who recently started riding trials with us. He just bought his first trials bike a few weeks ago, but this is the first time I actually saw him riding it. It’s great to have new converts to trials. And it’s a double bonus when they’re local!

In addition to riding rocks and skinnies, we also spent some time messing around on the trials riders go-to obstacles: wooden pallets. Unfortunately, with the afternoons being so short now that it’s winter, we didn’t have a lot of riding time. The light faded quickly so I didn’t even bother filming some of the riding. So it’s a short video, but it was a fun time.

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