Joe prepares to hop off a boulder on Tim's trial bike
Joe taking a spin on Tim’s bike

This was a fun ride on the shoreline at Rocky Neck State Park. In addition to some fun riding, we had some interesting challenges, though I’m not gonna spoil it – you’ll need to watch the video to see what happens.

Jim arrived at the parking lot soon after I did. It was pretty winding as we warmed up in the parking lot, wondering why nobody else had showed up (this is becoming a pattern lately – The Jim and Tim Show!). We thought the woods might provide a bit of shelter from the gusts, but I convinced Jim we should at least try the rocks by the water. So that’s where we headed.

Sunset and crashing waves

As we biked from the first spot to the second, “little” Ryan appeared, making it a trials trio. And within minutes of arriving at the second spot, Joe appeared as well. Not only does Joe kick ass on a trials bike, but he’s a damn talented juggler and fire performer as well! See for yourself on his Instagram channel.

Fortunately – and strangely enough – there was significantly less wind on the waterfront than in parking lot. No complaints here, especially as the temperatures have been sinking over the past weeks with the approach of winter. The sinking sun provided a golden backdrop as we rode, combining with the rhythmic crash of the waves against the rocky shore, making it the perfect place to be that afternoon.

It had been a while since we’d ridden here, and we usually stick to the woods and other spots set back from the water’s edge. But after this ride, I’m eager to return for more riding on the rocky shore. There are so many great lines and challenges to explore. Yeah, I’ll be back.

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