Tim does a drop gap between two pallet stacks
Doing a drop gap between two stacks of pallets. It feels really high when you’re up there!

Since it was such a beautiful day (and I’m on vacation), I figured a trials ride on some pallets in the front yard was in order. I started out trying to do a few basics, then figured it was probably a good idea to practice my nemesis: rollups onto tall obstacles. After my pallets nearly killed me, I eventually switched to a series of lines using pallets and planks to combine skills for control, balance, hopping, etc.

While it might not be my best riding ever, I was actually pretty pleased with the session. In the past I’ve struggled with staying on the rear wheel for combinations of moves, but I was able to do so for this ride. I also dropped off a fairly tall (for me) stack of pallets fairly easily without as much fear as I’ve had in the past for this height. And just overall my riding was not too shabby. And of course the afternoon was gorgeous, so that certainly helped.

I called this video “pallet hero” based on a conversation I had with another local rider (Tony) a couple years ago. I had mentioned while riding rocks that I felt like I was really struggling with stuff I did quite easily at home. He responded that of course that was the case; he said something like, “you normally ride pallets at home which makes you feel like a hero. Rocks are a completely different story.” Thus, “pallet hero”.

Despite near freezing temperatures and having my pallets try to kill me by trapping my foot, I had a great session on pallets and planks in the yard earlier this week
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