Tim balances atop a rock on his trials bike with one leg extended horizontally as a temporary counterbalance
Tim struggling to maintain balance to set up for a rear wheel gap. This line is one example that highlights rider differences: Tim does the gap as a rear wheel hope, while Jim prefers a two-wheel lunge.

Somehow everyone except Jim and I were busy this past Thursday for the weekly group ride. So it was just the two of us. Reminds me of a song…

It’s interesting to watch the way different trials riders attack a given line. Each rider has their own strengths, weaknesses, styles, and preferences. It’s definitely apparent when there are a group of riders that also have a relatively wide disparity in skill levels, but you can see it with riders with similar skills levels as well.

Since this week’s ride was just Jim and me, we pretty much just took turns trying the same lines, though there were some lines that each of us tried that the other did not – again a reflection of skill levels, etc. For example, Jim probably has better balance than I do, and can really huck the bike further than I can to surge across gaps on 2 wheels. On the other hand, I like the rear wheel moves and tend to use those more often. Also, Jim has a 26-inch bike, whereas mine is a 24-inch, so he has a little bit longer reach and slightly better rolling characteristics over some of the jumbled mess under the leaves.

Despite having a group of only two, this was a fun ride. In addition to the riding, of course, I really enjoy being able to both encourage and joke around with the the others, and this ride was certainly no exception. Some of that comes out in the video, and unfortunately some of it was off camera, or out of range of the microphone.

That reminds me, I think I need to get some more video cameras and a pair of wireless mics…

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