Surprisingly, this week’s ride on the Narragansett, RI coastal ledge had a small turnout, but was a good time nonetheless. It was pretty cool to see everyone pushing themselves to ride some pretty cool lines. Unfortunately, we only rode here once all year. Last year we rode there twice (June 2nd and 11th).

Mike had his camera setup with him; he was filming video clips to post on his Instagram feed, so I’m looking forward to seeing how those came out. Mike’s level of trials riding definitely brings up the skill level average, so it’s cool when he shows up.

Jim, Jereme, and I all pushed ourselves on some lines that were a little scary for us. Jim had some pretty big two wheel moves on some lines that involved big front wheel pivots, rollups, and static ups. Jereme and I did some gaps and drops that we hadn’t done in the past. None of them were huge, but they were lines over big crevices in the rock that made potential bails a bit sketchy.

I can definitely see my own confidence growing. I’m not doing stupid stuff, but I’m able to focus my mind on the lines, knowing both my limitations and my capabilities.


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