This week’s group ride happened to fall on Cinco de Mayo. While there were no post-ride Coronas (nobody brought beer), we did bleed Scott’s brakes with antifreeze in the parking lot after the ride. How many engineers does it take to bleed Scott’s brakes? Apparently it takes three. Sadly, we didn’t catch any of that riveting brake bleed action on video.

In addition to some of the normal crew, this week we also had someone new show up to give trials a shot, using his mountain bike. You don’t need a trials bike to get started. And trials skills will definitely improve your mountain biking.

Haley farm is a popular mountain biking trail, so we often have the opportunity to chat with mountain bikers when they see us crazy fools riding on rocks. We had a couple groups stop to chat this week, including some young riders (always great to see!).

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[…] him again. Scott “recruited” Dan to join the trials crew about a year a half ago; he first appeared in one of my videos in May 2022 on his mountain bike. He bought a trials bike last fall, though there have only been a handful of […]

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