With respect to biking, a “skinny” is any narrow obstacles that you ride across. In this case, I use a ten foot 2×4 beam and ride down the narrow (1.5 inch wide) side.

With my arm injury failing to show any signs of healing, there isn’t much I can do on a bike since lunges, back wheel moves, and anything that jerks my arm makes my elbow hurt for days. That means that the few times I even get on the bike, I keep it as low impact as possible. A low skinny beam fits the bill since I can get on and off – including failed attempts – without any drama or stress on my arm.

For this edit, I thought it’d be interesting to show how riding a skinny looks from different angles. (Now that I think about it, I wish I had 1-2 shots from a higher angle… maybe one from a tripod or the roof of my pickup, and maybe one from a drone, if I had one…) I tried to show the full context with the wide shots, but I also wanted to show some tight close-ups as well as my perspective with a POV shot from the bike. Since I have only one GoPro, each shot is a separate run across the skinny. With the exception of the handful of fails at the end of the edit, I only show attempts for which I made a clean run completely across the skinny and square off the end – including the shots where you don’t see it (though you can hear the clunk of the bike rolling off the end). Yes, that means this edit took a while, since my success rate, while improving, isn’t great.

With respect to riding the skinny beam, I tried to approach slowly since that’s generally more difficult than just rolling onto it. I also tried stopping on the beam to briefly trackstand before riding off the end. That skill definitely still needs some work…

In addition to the visuals, I have to say that I love the visceral audio experience in edits like this one. In some clips you can hear cars passing on the street and maybe other sounds from the surrounding environment. More importantly, you can hear the buzz of the freehub, the tires rolling across the gravel, and the beam flexing and thumping.

T-shirt: Bashguardian – online bike trials magazine

Frame: 2020 Inspired Arcade (Inspired Bicycles)
Fork: Inspired Arcade
Handlebars: Inspired Arcade Riser
Grips: ODI Longneck V2.1 lock-on
Stem: Trialtech Sport, Forged, 90mm x 35°
Brakes: Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone disc, 180mm (front & rear)
Bottom Bracket: Inspired Arcade, External Bearing Euro
Cranks: Inspired Arcade
Pedals: Trialtech Race Platform
Rims: Spank SPIKE Race 33 Rims
Front Hub: Hope Pro 4
Rear Hub: Hope Pro 4 Trials / SS
Tires: Continental Danny MacAskill Air King (Rimpact foam core inserts)


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