Trials bike rider rear-wheel hopping on rocks with a lighthouse in the background
Alex battles a strong offshore wind

We had some rain this week and there’s still some snow on the ground. It even rained Tuesday morning, but it cleared up, resulting in gorgeous afternoon. When I left work, it was sunny and mild, with barely a cloud in sight. By the time I arrived at the UCONN Avery Point campus, the cloud cover had increased significantly and the wind was howling! But what’s a little wind when you’re trying to balance on a trials bike…

Despite the chilling breeze, had a pretty decent turnout and a fun ride. We managed to ride some locations on campus that we’d never ridden before (at least not when I’ve been there). While I do like the typical spots we always ride around campus, mixing things up a bit adds an interesting variety. That and it lets the advanced riders tackle more challenging lines. All good stuff to present a more interesting edit, of course.

It wasn’t until I started editing this week’s video that I realized I need a windscreen for my GoPro. In some shots, the audio is just terrible due to the howling wind coming off Long Island Sound. Oh well. Now I know: gotta have a windscreen over the microphone.


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