The snow was really sticking to my tires today, as you can see from the way it flew off the tire treads when the rear wheel whacked into the deck on this failed roll-up attempt. The deck was covered with a light layer of snow, hiding a slick sheen of ice beneath it, making it fairly slippery.

My arm still has a ways to go before my tendon injury is healed enough to really ride my bike, so I haven’t really been able to ride since Thanksgiving week. I’ve been going to physical therapy twice a week since the end of December, but I still have to take it pretty easy on my arm to avoid aggravating it and let it heal more quickly. However, my physical therapist said I could try getting back on the bike, as long as I’m gentle on the arm and avoid moves that might overstress the injury. So, I figured I’d give it a shot this week.

Of course it’s still winter, so the weather isn’t the best for trials riding. A blizzard pounded us last week, followed by rain, sleet, and more snow throughout the week, leaving ice and crusty snow everywhere. Regardless, despite being in the low 20’s (Fahrenheit) this afternoon, it was sunny and gorgeous out. I decided to take out my Inspired Arcade and try some easy lines and moves.

Despite (mostly) taking it easy, the ride still really aggravated my arm. So after riding, I did some stretches and exercises to loosen it up, then put some ice on it for a bit. Several hours later, it’s still pretty tender. So I guess I need to throttle back even more than I did today. Having this much pain after such a gentle ride is rather disheartening. It’s gonna be a long journey. I really miss riding.

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