Tony pauses, leaning against a tree with his trials bike perched atop two rocks, telling the crew to hang on a moment.
Joking around with the crew is one of the best parts of the weekly trials group rides. It’s not just about the riding; it’s just as much about having a good time with friends. Tony got stuck momentarily atop two rocks on this particular line, so he had to tell us all to just hang on a moment, he wasn’t quite finished.

We decided to change up the schedule this week, so now our group rides are on Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays. With a bit of last minute scrambling, I was able to rearrange my physical therapy appointments so I could still film the weekly rides, even though I still can’t ride.

Given that it is winter, we’ve been having some snow here and there. Fortunately, the last blanketing of snow had melted from the local trails by Tuesday afternoon, so the crew was able to hit the rocks.

In this week’s edit, there weren’t a lot of big, gnarly moves, but I tried to capture some of the struggles with a few of the lines, as well as some of the fun banter and commentary that forms an integral part of every ride.

I’ve also been trying to improve the quality and style of the video. I’d been playing with 4K 30fps video for a few weeks; however, this week I switched back to 1080, but boosted the frame rate to 240 fps with a wider angle. Hopefully this will provide crisper frames for the motion shots, while also allowing me to include some clean slow motion effects as well. In addition to tweaking the camera settings, I’ve also been trying to improve the filming itself, so that there are more interesting angles and better lighting (though that gets a bit more difficult when the sun has set). Riding trials is definitely my focus, but I’m also interested in producing videos… so hopefully these videos are getting more interesting and engaging to watch.


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