Three trials bike riders in the woods with their bikes, laughing
Even with only a handful of riders, a group ride is always a great time… especially when you have a good crew

This week we had a small group on Wednesday, consistent with the past few week’s rides. While we’ve had snow, ice, and rain, the rocks were dry and ready for riding at Hidden Pond. Amazingly, the slushy mess from a few days ago had dried up and we missed the rain and snow that followed on Thursday.

I still can’t ride trials due to my arm injury, so I brought a mountain bike along, primarily to traverse from the parking lot to the riding spots. I also like to try some really low-impact rock riding – i.e., stuff I can easily roll up, over, and down without stressing my arm by yanking on the bars, squeezing the brakes hard, whatever. While nobody captured it on video, I did manage a handful of nice, rolling lines on some boulders. I cannot wait to be back on my bike, really riding again.

One of the riders had been on trials riding hiatus for a couple years and had been living a couple hours away. He just moved into the area, and has started riding again, which is great to see. He also brings the average age down a bit (he was the only one at this week’s ride that’s under 50). It’s always a good thing to have some younger trials riders!

Interestingly, we also got to see the line that Tony was riding that got him featured on Pinkbike’s weekly Friday Fails video series about 1-2 years ago. Watch the group ride edit for details (and a link to the aforementioned Friday Fails video). That reminds me: I probably have some good fails of my own that I could submit…


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