Trials biker on top of a boulder with the setting sun peeking from behind the trees
Riding until sunset… and looking forward to longer (and much warmer) days

It’s the middle of winter, so the number of people that show up for the weekly group rides is lower than normal. We started with only two, but a couple more guys showed up making it a pretty decent turnout for a mid-January ride.

A snowstorm last week dropped 6-10 inches of snow in the area, so we weren’t sure whether any of our typical riding spots would be rideable. Fortunately, essentially all of the snow had melted at the park, leaving the rocks dry and ready to session.

One of the things that is pretty cool about our group of trials riders is the spread in age and ability. On any given ride we have levels ranging from beginner to elite and everything in between. Ages range from 20’s to 60’s. You can also see differences in riding style and different strengths (and weaknesses).


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