I can’t ride trials due to the tendon injury in my arm, but I can roll down stuff (as long as I don’t need to squeeze the front brake lever too long or too hard). This line also looked a lot steeper and narrower from the top.

It’s the holiday season, so this week’s group ride was fairly meager, both in terms of turnout and the riding. As Jim said, “it’s definitely December riding.” Ryan said the video title should have been, “you didn’t miss anything.” Nonetheless, it’s always good to hang out with the group.

Though I am unable to ride trials right now, I brought a mountain bike primarily to traverse between riding locations expediently. Though some of the rock ledges provided a fun spot just to roll up and down, without stressing my injured arm too much.

Despite demonstrating less than our best riding skills, we did get some compliments from a woman who had stopped to photograph the scenery (not us). While we weren’t doing anything spectacular, she was blown away and chatted with us for a few minutes to learn about what we were doing. It’s always nice having the opportunity to share what we do with folks who have never heard about trials. It’s also interesting to see what a difference perspective makes: what we see in ourselves as meager riding is actually pretty impressive in the grand scheme of things, even if it’s not terribly flashy; it is also the result of months or years of hard-earned progress. It’s easy to lose sight of this, especially when we watch the expert and pro/elite riders regularly.


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