Maybe one day I’ll be comfortable doing moves like this…

My arm is still royally hosed, so I can’t ride. Physical therapy starts next week. In the meantime, I’ll be posting the group ride edits.

This week’s ride was at a location I’d never see: Parker Memorial Park in Branford, CT – right on the coast. This place has a ton of stuff to ride for every level of trials rider. When I saw the satellite view from Google Maps, I was expecting just the rock ledge on the water. I didn’t realize that there were several spots in the park with tons of rocks. I definitely need to come here when my arm is healed. It’s about an hour from where I live, but an added bonus is that it’s not far from my parents’ house.

Winter is here and the holidays are nearly upon us, so the turnout was relatively low: only 4 riders, including 1 pro – Mike Steidley (YouTube Channel). Since 1/4 of the group was pro and I wasn’t getting distracted by my own riding, this ended of being predominantly the Mike show, though I was also able to follow all of the riders the entire time – something you don’t necessarily get to do when you’re riding yourself. Of course I’d trade that instantly if I could be back on my bike…


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