Tim getting ready to drop off a rock on his trials bike
Probably my highest drop ever (so far). It’s higher than it looks; the ground quickly slopes away toward the tennis courts

A nor’easter ripped through the area Wednesday bringing strong winds and heavy rains (thankfully instead of snow) on Wednesday, so this week we rode on Thursday instead. We figured Colonel Ledyard Park would be a bit drier than the woods after all the rain.

Looking back through my YouTube group ride videos, apparently we hadn’t ridden there since mid-July. In that time I’d made some progress in my skills, balance, and control, as well as my level of fear for riding some of the obstacles. I was able to do some lines that I had struggled with before, and did some bigger drops – one from a very rickety picnic table (my first time doing that) and one from a rock that I’d tried before unsuccessfully (which resulted in an absolutely spectacular bail. This time I nailed that drop… a couple times.


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