Wednesday afternoon turned out to be gorgeous – a perfect riding day with sunshine and moderate temperatures. It was a pretty chill session this week since we just had our trials competition last Saturday. Most of the ride was just sessioning different features and screwing around on the bikes. It’s kinda cool to hit different features, taking turns trying to learn or practice a skill or turn it into a challenge (‘the ground is lava’, for example).

As the sun began nearing the horizon, casting long, dark shadows, we wrapped up the session. Before calling it quits, we managed to get a few clips with some fantastic lighting.

On Saturday, I decided to pull my Inspired Arcade street trials bike out of hibernation for a simple ride in the driveway. After trying to learn how to manual and bunny hop, I pulled out some pallets and did some simple jibbing on those for a while. With that simple setup, I managed to keep myself entertained for an hour and a half, just hitting the same lines over and over, trying to improve and make the moves more fluid. That’s one of the great things about trials biking: you can ride anywhere on anything and still have fun.


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