Dropping off the wall near the dam at Day Pond

Here’s a short edit of my recent ride at Day Pond State Park (which also has mountain biking trails). I was able to do lines that I hadn’t been able to do before, as well as some I wouldn’t have even tried last time I rode here. Some lines I was able to clean, others were close, but not totally clean. Have to come back for those next time!

The ride started with a leaking valve on my rear tire, so thankfully the ride got better after replacing the valve core. It’s always a bonus when a small investment like this valve core removal tool and spare valve cores pays off! That was way easier (and cheaper) than replacing the whole inner tube.

The shirt I’m wearing in this edit was designed by my wife, who is an artist. The design is based on one of her paintings. If you like the shirt, you can order one from her online store, Purple Street Gallery.

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