This Wednesday, our normal group ride day of the week, had rain in the forecast, with heavy rain and thunderstorms predicted for later in the evening. When three o’clock rolled around, the sky was pretty dark; it looked like it was going to pour any moment. For a while it wasn’t clear anyone was going to ride. A handful of the squad decided to give it a shot since it wasn’t raining yet. Somehow we got lucky – it never rained until later in the evening, so we were able to ride for a couple hours. However, it had rained earlier in the day, so the rocks were quite slippery. We managed to make the best of it.

For most of the session, we selected “challenge” lines and the three of us took turns trying to complete the challenge. The video generally shows the successful completion of the lines or alternatively, one or two of the best attempts.

Despite the low turnout and slippery rocks, it was still a fun ride. Of course just about any riding is better than not riding…


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