Summer is definitely settling in. This week brought another hot, humid day for our bike trials group ride. Due to the amount of rain we’ve been getting lately, we opted for a nice dry, open area in the sun: The UCONN Avery Point campus. It was definitely a scorcher; I was utterly drenched (in sweat) by the end of the afternoon.

We sessioned a handful of the usual locations this week, hitting some of the same lines and trying a few new ones as well. Avery Point has a variety of natural features and a handful of manmade ones. Since we want to stay in the good graces of the campus police and the university staff, we only ride a few of the manmade features such as the concrete deck near the lighthouse.

Thankfully, the rain and thunderstorms held out until the drive home, when the sky opened up and dumped water out. My bike actually did need a good rinse…

Fun was had by all, including Scott, who made the best of things, even after snapping his bike chain.


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