It was a sunny, hot, humid day. What a great opportunity to see how far I can gap! Or maybe not…

I’ve been trying to improve my balance and control in general, and to learn better trials techniques. And of course I’ve been trying to pull of bigger and bigger moves. During this weekend’s ride, my goal was to maximize my gap distance. In this episode, I tried to tell more of the story, so I was a bit of a ‘chatty Cathy.’ If you’re a trials rider already, hopefully you can relate. If you’re not, well, hopefully you’ll gain an appreciation for the struggle that goes on behind the scenes when you see the edits with all the huge moves and stylish tricks.

After throwing myself between two pallets for probably an hour, I tried one final line made of sketchy wooden pallets and an old plank. Earlier in the session I had spent 30+ minutes practicing trackstands, but I figured that would probably bore viewers to tears.

Here’s the article on rear wheel control that I mentioned in the video: Coach’s corner: Rear wheel control (Bashguardian)


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