While I spent a lot of time struggling with a line on a stone wall, I did have some successes on a couple fallen trees

This clip combines some trials riding over two weekends. I spent the entire first day on a single line, trying to get onto a flat rock (that would not stop wobbling) atop a stone wall, rotate 270 degrees on my rear wheel, hop to another rock, and drop to the ground. That was the theory anyway. After about 45 minutes at least, I had a pretty good crash that ended the session. Despite wearing shin pads, I got a nice ‘shinner’. Fortunately it wasn’t a deep cut, but it swelled up like crazy and hurt like hell. I must have also damaged a nerve, because now it’s a week and a half later and I have an area on my shin about 1-2 square inches that is still numb – no feeling whatsoever. Oh well. stuff happens.

The next weekend, I started my trials session by trying the same line. It was a pretty hot day. After probably 20-30 minutes, I called it quits on that line for now, so I wouldn’t end up killing myself due to being exhausted. I’ll have to try again another day. Instead, I sessioned some fallen trees for a while (and found some successes there). I tried some other rock lines as well, but none of that was worth watching, so I’ll spare you.

The stone wall line was pushing my limits and was kind of scary. There were a lot of loose stones, and going off the back of the wall essentially guarantees you’ll go right over the bars. Some days you just can’t pull it off, but there is always another day. And there is no reward without the struggle, no progress without pushing your limits.


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