Trials biking at Day Pond State Park - riding on the rocks

After my new Crank Brothers Stamp 7 pedals arrived, I swapped them out with the stock “cage” pedals that came with my Echo Mark V trials bike. Of course after swapping the pedals, it was time to try them out! Day Pond State Park is not too far from my house, so I headed there for my first ride with the new pedals, and my GoPro to get some video.

Day Pond State Park – Fun For Trials Biking

Crank Brothers Stamp 7 Pedals
Crank Brothers Stamp 7 Pedals

Day Pond has lots of rocks, and obstacles to suit a range of different skill levels – certainly plenty to challenge anyone at my level of trials biking. While I’ve never ridden them, apparently there are some decent mountain biking trails at Day Pond as well. The park was loaded with cars when I arrived – lots of people hiking, biking, and walking their dogs. Normally I’m too self-conscious to break out the GoPro and start filming, but this time I decided I didn’t care. I have been wanting to get some video of my riding on natural obstacles (i.e., rocks), instead of just wooden pallets.

It turned out to be a great day of riding. As usual, there were things I was able to do first try (or after only a handful of tries), things I could not quite get the way I wanted to (so I did something slightly different), and some things I just could not quite get, even after many tries and alternate approaches. But that’s ok – I’ll be back to try again!

The video below captures the highlights from my Day Pond ride. The last third of the video (about 2 minutes) shows how I tried riding over an obstacle (a boulder), couldn’t get onto the top of it, and tried several completely different approaches. Note that in trials biking, the goal is to ride your “line” (whatever that might be – in this case, just getting up and over a boulder) in one shot, without putting a foot down, bailing out, or crashing.


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