Trials biking - drop gap off a stack of pallets
Learning moves like drop gaps in trials biking requires you to overcome fear as you hang your front tire over the edge, balanced on your rear tire. Wear protective gear and start small, working your way to bigger moves. The same concept applies to improving any skills in life that require being outside your comfort zone.

Whether in trials biking, mountain biking, or numerous other things in life, improving your skills requires overcoming fear. Or more accurately, pushing through the fear. In general, a good practice is to take incremental steps that might be scary and push you a bit, but that are not so far outside your abilities that you completely crash and burn in a big way. This help you build confidence and experience, with a certain degree of safety and less risk than going “full send” right from the start.

Overcome Fear – Help From Mountain Biking Experts

Here are a couple videos I’ve seen on YouTube that I think provide good advice. While these videos are specific to overcoming fear in order to progress mountain biking skills, the principles can be applied to pretty much anything that induces fear as you progress.


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